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Contest Managing System

By building a direct connection between your company and it’s consumers, SOFTNET ONLINE will help increase sales from your existing sales network (footprint), with our  1st of it’s kind Contest Management System.


Emotional connect with all engaged users, each getting a sense of personal attention

Quick Setup

Take your campaigns live faster than ever before

Diversity of execution

Conceive, create & execute. Your creativity, your canvas

Always On

Engage with you customers all year around

Encourage and endorse user generated actions, both on-ground and digital

No need for specially designed portals for user generated content acquisition. Our platform lets you get unlimited actions based on the criteria you define, stores it, validates it and lets you endorse the users accordingly. 

Are You Connecting To Real Buyers?

Successful communication requires smart use cases and technology. The SOFTNET.ONLINE  Contest  Platform & WhatsApp Messaging API is the solution to have means of engaging the consumers throughout the year

Manage A Contest over Whatsapp

Setup flow & hook

Identification of paying customers within the current social community

UGC, receipt and used data

Real-time reports dashboard for impact analysis

Reduced cost of remarketing


Just Loved it!

As a Fullfilment Director of one of the pioneer Promotion Marketing Agency in Malaysia I was dealing with a problem on managing the WhatsApp based contests. Huge workload on data entry people resulting in delayed reporting and fulfilment of prizes. We came to Softnet with this problem and they have tackled it with out-of- the-box thinking and basically provided us with a product which exceeds all our expectations. They automated 90% of our process which in turn solved our data and operational problems. We were really impressed with the professionalism shown by both management and development team to not only to provide us with a solution but they also provided great insights from their prior experience. We highly recommend their services for your digital needs.

Mei Peng


Just Loved it!

We were looking for a solution that can create engaging web based contest dynamically in less than 2 days. It was a huge task but SOFTNET really showed their programming prowess by creating a fully automated, dynamic and state- of-the-art solution. They also added features such as automated winners selection, dynamic games, dynamic prize distributions, data entry and fulfilment so that the entire contest universe is under one platform. We were really impressed with the skill and work ethics of the whole organisation and would recommend them to any one who is in need of digital solution.

Rozy Rahim


loyalty & rewards

By building a direct connection between your company and it’s trade network, SOFTNET ONLINE will help increase sales from your existing sales network (footprint), with our  1st of it’s kind trader loyalty platform.

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